BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Crushing the Freshman Record Books Under Calipari

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Aritcle written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
Sorry Rex, your place in the records books is fading away. Hey everybody, did you know John Calipari plays freshman a lot?  I bet you didn't.  But see, I pay attention to things like this.  And I pay attention to the record books as well.  And I am amazed how drastically the record books have changed under the John Calipari administration.  OK, not really the entire record books, but the FRESHMAN record books for sure.  Take a look at some of the freshman records and how they have changed in the 4 short years John Calipari has been the coach: Freshman Points pre-Calipari 1. Rex Chapman- 464 2. Chris Mills- 459 3. Sam Bowie- 440 Freshman Points post-Calipari 1. Brandon Knight- 657 2. John Wall- 616 3. Terrence Jones- 595 4. Demarcus Cousins- 575 5. Anthony Davis- 567 6. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist- 476 7. Doron Lamb- 469 8. Archie Goodwin- 466 9. Chapman 10. Mills ------------------------------------------------ Freshman Rebounds pre-Calipari 1. Chris Mills- 277 2. Sam Bowie- 276 3. Rick Robey- 214 Freshman Rebounds post-Calipari 1. Anthony Davis- 415 2. Demarcus Cousins- 375 3. Terrence Jones- 336 4. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist- 297 5. Mills 6. Bowie ------------------------------------------------- Freshman Assists pre-Calipari 1. Dirk Minnefield- 126 2. Rajon Rondo- 118 3. Rex Chapman- 103 Freshman Assists post-Calipari 1. John Wall- 241 2. Marquis Teague- 191 3. Brandon Knight- 159 4. Minnifield 5. Rondo ------------------------------------------------ What strikes me the most about that is how much we criticized Archie Goodwin for his freshman year.  The kid is selfish and takes horrible shots and on and on.  Consider this: ARCHIE GOODWIN TOOK LESS SHOTS THAN REX CHAPMAN IN EACH MAN'S FRESHMAN SEASON.  You think Goodwin was a ball hog, what about Chapman?  And people consider Chapman's freshman season to be legendary, while Goodwin was some kind of bust.  And don't think Chapman's freshman team was so great and that's why people love him.  His 1987 team was bounced in the first round of both the SEC Tournament and the NCAA Tournament.  My point is 2 fold: that we look at freshman basketball players at UK in a completely different light.  Some would call it an unfair light.  And second, the performance of the freshman in 4 years at Kentucky is something that is unheard of in college basketball, and certainly in Lexington.  And I think even more unheard of or appreciated than UK fans are doing.  Follow me on twitter @BryantheIntern 

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