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broken-records-lies Yesterday, I applauded the amazing success John Calipari has had at Rupp Arena in his almost 2 seasons at Lexington.  In case you didn't read it, Cal has won all 25 games at Rupp, leaving him just 8 wins shy of the Rupp Arena home court winning streak record.  But really, the amazing Cal stats just don't stop there.  Below are some the records he currently holds: Longest Winning Streak to Start Career John Calipari: 19 Adolph Rupp: 10 Eddie Sutton: 5 Tubby Smith: 2 Billy Gillispie: 1 Rick Pitino: 1 Joe B. Hall: 1 Best 1st season record John Calipari: 35-3 Tubby Smith: 35-4 Eddie Sutton: 32-4 Adolph Rupp: 15-3 Joe B. Hall: 20-8 Billy Gillispie: 18-13 Rick Pitino: 14-14 Best Record 1st 50 games at Kentucky John Calipari: 45-5 Tubby Smith: 45-5 Adolph Rupp: 43-7 Eddie Sutton: 41-9 Billy Gillispie: 33-17 Joe B. Hall: 32-18 Rick Pitino: 31-19 First 25 games at Rupp Arena John Calipari: 25-0 Eddie Sutton: 24-1 Joe B. Hall: 23-2 Rick Pitino: 23-2 Tubby Smith: 21-4 Billy Gillispie: 19-6 Record Against Rivals (UL, UNC, IU, and UT) John Calipari: 7-2 (77.8%) Adolph Rupp: 84-30 (73.7%) Rick Pitino: 25-11 (69.4%) Tubby Smith: 33-15 (68.8%) Eddie Sutton: 11-5 (68.8%) Joe B. Hall: 22-31 (41.5%) Billy Gillispie: 4-6 (40.0%) And honestly, these are just the ones that I could add up quickly.  The list could go on and on of how John Calipari is reshaping the level of winning in Lexington.  In fact, he is currently winning at a pace greater than Rick Pitino.  Now, he certainly will need to find some wins in March to be considered at the level of Pitino or Rupp, but for his first 52 games, there is no comparison to what Cal has done to any other coach in at UK.  Truly amazing.

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