BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Don't Be Shocked With An Early Conference Loss

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It goes without saying that the game on Tuesday night at Georgia is dangerous.  The Bulldogs have improved dramatically since a very ugly performance in Maui, culminated by a very impressive win over Memphis Saturday.  They have a bonafide star in Anthony Edwards and have several other offensive weapons.  The Bulldogs defense had been one of the SEC's worst in non-conference play but have put together a couple good games.  So this will truly be a dog fight and a real chance at an early conference loss for the Cats. But the reality is this would be the norm under Calipari.  Despite the multiple conference championships and overall dominance of the league, the fact is that 6 of Cal's 10 teams have lost a conference game in 3 games or less in SEC play.  Another lost it's 5th game.  Take a look: 2011-12: 16-0 2014-15: 18-0 2016-17: 7-0 (Finished 16-2) *Lost at Tennessee 2009-10: 4-0 (Finished 14-2) *Lost at South Carolina 2013-14: 2-0 (Finished 12-6) *Lost at Arkansas 2017-18: 2-0 (Finished 10-8) *Lost at Tennessee 2012-13: 1-0 (Finished 12-6) *Lost to Texas A&M 2015-16: 1-0 (Finished 13-5) *Lost at LSU 2010-11: 0-1 (Finished 10-6) *Lost at Georgia 2018-19: 0-1 (Finished 15-3) *Lost at Alabama Let's say the Cats lose tomorrow at Georgia.  That would make them the 5th team in the Cal era to lose one of its first two conference games.  Those other 4 teams finished 50-20 combined in conference play, winning 2 conference titles and 2 tournament titles, making one Final Four as well.  Point being, and this point should be made every year under Cal, panicking is never the answer for a Cal team.  They will absolutely have bad games this month and tomorrow could be one of them.  But this team has enough to still win this conference and history has proven that time and again.

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