BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Football Season is All About Memories

BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Football Season is All About Memories

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So over the next 2 weeks I will be away on my honeymoon but rather than leave this space on the website empty (although many of you would like that), I instead offered to give some of the people I know best and known this website best, the chance to make their mark on KSR.  I already know some of them will be better than me.  Be aware, some might not be UK fans but I think having a little more perspective from our rivals and how they think about us is a good thing.  Today, I do give you a very big UK fan, Sean, who talks about his top UK football memories as we head into a season that has the potential to bring us even more:  The elaborate tail-gate parties.  The sweet smell of bourbon in the air.  Keeneland Fall Races.  The Air-Raid Siren.  “FIRST DOWN KENTUCKY!”  Ladies and gentlemen, college football season is quickly approaching.  It will be the first time we get to see our prized recruits in real action.  It will also be the first time we get to see our boys play on “Kroger Field”.  For what it’s worth, it will always be Commonwealth Stadium to me.  It doesn’t matter how many times they change the name.   Each year around this time I think back to some of the most memorable moments for UK Football in recent memory.  UK routing Louisville in the first rivalry meeting at Papa John’s in ’98.  How about UK beating Alabama in the first overtime game in Kentucky and Commonwealth Stadium history.  Did you know that was also the first time the goal posts were torn down in Commonwealth?  UK finally defeating the Ole Ball Coach for the first time was an incredible memory.  The game where Taylor Wyndham sacked Tim Tebow had to be bittersweet for all the Tebow haters.  Now that I live in Tennessee I ALWAYS like to remind UT fans of the time that UK beat them with a WR playing quarterback.  I decided to ask some fellow UK fans to give me a few of their all-time favorite UK Football moments:
  • I have several favorites but if I had to pick one out it’d be the ’07 game where UK beat #1 LSU in 3 OTs (Jim N.)
  • Taking my 7 and 10 year-old boys out on the field after UK beat UT in ’11 (Brian G.)
  • I’d say one that would be right up there would be the Louisville game where Stevie Johnson caught the winning touchdown (Mike V.)
  • Taking my son to experience ESPN College Gameday at the Florida game back in ’07 (Rebecca P.)
    I actually have two all-time favorite UK Football moments.  The first one was attending the ’07 UK-LSU game with my college friend Michael.  The day started with an incredible pre-game spread that his friends and family put together.  I have to tell you, the Bardstown UK fans know how to do tailgating right!  The game itself was truly amazing.  The crowd of nearly 71k was rocking from beginning to end and I’ll never forget the sea of fans storming onto the field once Charles Scott came up a yard short of the first down. My second all-time favorite UK Football moment didn’t happen on the field but rather outside Commonwealth Stadium.  I surprised my now wife by asking her to marry me before the Blue/White Spring Game on 4/13/13.  From the very beginning of our relationship we bonded over our love of UK Football and I knew that this would be the perfect place to ask her.  I asked her in front of family, friends, and randomly Jack “Goose” Givens.  Goose and my wife’s uncle are close friends and he just so happened to be at our tailgate when I asked her.   So, now while we all wait for this year’s UK Football season to start, I ask you, please share some of your all-time favorite UK Football moments.   Thanks to Bryan the Intern (BTI) for allowing me to write an article in his place today.  Bryan, you truly are the best intramural basketball player I’ve ever known!

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