BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Frankly, Bobby Petrino is a Prick

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I am sorry if that post title is a little blunt and harsh (not really though) but for one of the few times in my life I have some sympathy for UL fans, and to the tiniest little degree, Tom Jurich.  I know it sounds crazy, but I can only imagine what working with the absolute biggest jacka** in sports, Bobby Petrino, must have been like.  Yes, I understand that Jurich hired Petrino, thus he got what he got, but the more stories you hear about Petrino, the more you realize that this guy is about the lowest scumbag of human being this side of Pitino.  Actually, he's worse than Pitino.  If you don't know what I am talking about, Petrino called out a female reporteron Saturday for wearing a Florida hat to one of his press conferences.  The reporter works for what is essentially the 790 WKRD here in Louisville.  It's the Arkansas station.  Anyway, according to the reporter (a Florida graduate), it was raining outside so that was the hat she grabbed.  It was reportedly not brought up by anyone, including her employer, until Petrino called her out. Well, that just shows the kind of person Petrino is, but initially the woman had no reprocussions for the run-in.  In fact, the woman laughed at Petrino, thinking he was joking.  Until the Arkansas SID found her and told her she was banned from attending practice.  Ignorant, hick Arkansas fans flooded her workplace with emails calling for her firing.  On a side note, as someone who works at a radio station, I can not tell you how many complaint calls and emails I take on a regular basis about my host.  I can not imagine how many complaints the sports guys get.  But, there is nothing irregular about complaint emails and calls.  That is until her workplace actually listened to these redneck idiots and FIRED her.  The average IQ of someone who actually takes the time to complain to a radio station about this incident is generally somewhere between Karen Sypher and Colin Cowherd.  Safe to say it's low. Anyway, this woman should file suit for her job, with the simple argument of "where does it say in my contract or press credential that I must be a fan of the University of Arkansas."  LAWSUIT WON!!!  See, I can be a lawyer too Matt Jones.  We will see if this comes to fruition, but I am certainly cheering for her. Luckily, Clay Travis wrote a scathing article(which also includes video) about the incident that not only rips Petrino, but really lays the wood to Arkansas fans.  It is an excellent read, and really made me laugh how he talks about the Hogs fans.  Kentucky residents should thank god this country has West Virginia and Arkansas to make us look better.  Let's put it this way: If John Clay or Matt Jones, for that reason, wore a hat of another SEC school to a Coach Cal press conference, would you support Cal calling out that reporter/blogger?  Let me say this: if you do support what Petrino did, you are ignorant.  Rant over.

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