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I, like most UK fans I would think, not only took the time to enjoy the UK beatdown last night, but also took the time to analyze the Wake Forest-Texas game like we were going to formulate the gameplan for Saturday's game for the team.  And, if I had to take away 2 things from that game that I think will be key point's against Wake it would be this: 1) Ish Smith is going to be a real challenge for the Cats to defend.  He has incredible speed, not John Wall speed, but just a rung below that.  The offense begins and ends with his ability to break down a defender, and it will be interesting to see how the Cats defend him. 2) Chas McFarland might be the most annoying player in college basketball this season.  Clearly, we have duped into thinking that only goofy looking, flopping, fairly unathletic white kids only went to Duke.  Well, looks like the Demon Deacons were able to snatch one away from the Dirty Devils because McFarland is Christian Laettner reincarnated without all the actual talent.  Mcfarland is a 4-year player for Wake, and yet his stats have actually DECREASED this season, as he only averages 7.2 PPG.  In a total of 17 ACC games this year, Mcfarland scored over 10 points in 4 GAMES!  Against Texas, Bozo Chas scored 3 stinkin points.  So, you might ask why am I spending an entire post ranting about McFarland? Because he is EXACTLY the kind of player that I hate worse than any other: THE UNTALENTED, OVER-EXCITED IDIOT!  Look, I am all for showing emotion during the game.  Hell, Demarcus Cousins shows as much emotion as anybody in the country.  But, when thats literally all you bring to the game is reacting to officials calls, and flopping to floor at every contact, I don't have much respect for you.  In one 3-minute stretch last night (and others can verify this), here was the sequence of events of McFarland: -While going after a defensive rebound, McFarland (with both arms) literally held the arm of Dexter Pittman, preventing him from getting the board.  The refs missed this.  After breaking free from this arm-bar, Pittman threw a 1-handed shove into Bozo Chas' chest, which I hoped would collapse a lung in McFarland, but my wishes went unanswered.  Instead, a foul was called on Pittman. -After a Wake Forest miss, McFarland blew a 2-foot putback that generally only rec-league senior players miss. -After a Texas miss and looseball, a foul was called on another Wake player.  I am not joking when I say this but after the whistle was blown, McFarland went flying backwards as if someone took an aluminum bat to his mid-section.  It happened so quickly that I wondered what had happened.  Luckily, they showed the replay where it clearly showed that McFarland WAS NOT EVEN TOUCHED.  All he clearly did was hear the whistle blown, and attempt to grab the refs attention for a foul.  GOD I HATE THIS.  I HATE THIS WORSE THAN SOCCER.  AND YOU ALL KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE SOCCER!!! -Next time down the floor, McFarland clobbered a driving Texas player, was called for the foul, and then slammed his hands into the basket support in protest of the call.  At which point he fouled out and walked to bench as the graphic flashed that he fouled out and scored 3 points.  At which point I laughed and call him several choice words. In all honesty, Bozo Chas will likely have NO EFFECT on the game whatsoever.  I fully expect Cousins and Patterson to limit him to 2 or 3 points, which is actually close to his average, so maybe they won't really shut him down as much as just keep him normal.  But I promise you that if you did not watch Wake this season, you will remember Chas McFarland after Saturday.  He will fall into the Joakim Noah, Tony Harris, Wayne Chism, AJ Ogilvy level of annoying and foolish.  And it may be sick of me to say, but I wouldn't be against Perry Stevenson coming in just to give Bozo a little shot in the groin area.  Just throwing that out there Coach Cal. By the way, one Clemson fan did what all of us will wish we could when he bodyslammed McFarland.

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