BTI's Rants and Ramblings: How bad does Akron suck?

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....Actually, they suck a whole bunch.  A heapin helpin of terribleness.  For instance, Akron gave up 29 points to Syracuse 2 weeks ago, a team that ranked 94th in offense last season.  They only scored 3 points against Syracuse, the same Syracuse who NEVER held a team under 10 points last season...or the season before.....or the season before that......or the season before that.   The last time they held a team under 10 points was September 10th, 2005.  That's right, our sucky opponents from Lebronsville did something god awful that hadn't been done in 5 years.  Oh, and by the way, they did this all at home.  Well done Zips. They then followed up that lovely little performance with a home loss to Gardner-Webb.   The same GWU who went 6-5 last year in 1-AA.  And how Akron lost the game just adds to their poor little sucky team.  They went to overtime, which is embarrassing enough, until of course scoring and then blowing the extra point.  And then allowing the 1-AA team to score and win the game.  Want some other crappy statistics (and keep in mind again that they have played Syracuse and Gardner-Webb so far) Total Offense: 110th Pass Offense: 106th Rush Offense: 77th Scoring Offense: 93rd Total Defense: 95th Pass Defense: 95th Rush Defense: 77th Scoring Defense: 104th So, basically, Akron can't run or throw the ball, leading to a lack of scoring.  They can't stop the run or the pass, and give up alot of points.  I think Jim Mora explains it best:

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