BTI's Rants and Ramblings: If Towles Keeps Job This Year, Barker's Future Uncertain.....
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BTI's Rants and Ramblings: If Towles Keeps Job This Year, Barker's Future Uncertain.....

Bryan the Internover 6 years


Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
[caption id="attachment_167514" align="alignnone" width="524"]Andy Lyons | Getty Images Andy Lyons | Getty Images[/caption] With yesterday's announcement of Patrick Towles as starting QB to start the season, my mind immediately turned the most hyped recruit in the Mark Stoops era, Drew Barker.  He has now been beat out for the job by Towles for 2 seasons, plus lost some faith of the fanbase with some off the field issues over the last year.  Now, to be fair, most highly rated QB's have similar stories, at least on the field.  Just because they are a 4 or 5 star recruit doesn't mean they can just step on the field right away. But what concerns me is the fact that Patrick Towles is just a junior and is very unlikely to leave for the NFL after this season.  Towles already has a somewhat successful season under his belt, appears to be more confident this year with more weapons around him.  I would say it is very likely Towles is able to keep the job for the entire year, barring injury.  I just don't imagine he will be poor enough on the field to be permanently pulled on the depth chart.  Let's say that happens and Towles is the starter all year.  It likely means he is the starter next year.  Which for Drew Barker means another year as the #2 guy. And that means Barker could potentially not see the field on a regular basis until his 4th year on the team (with a redshirt).  Is there any precedent for another 4 or 5 star SEC QB to have to wait that long to take the starting job for his team.  I went back and look at all recruits that fell under that category from 2010 through 2013 (so that the player had at least 3 years on campus).  Below are the results: ALABAMA 2013: Cooper Bateman- redshirt in 2013, did not play in 2014, moved to WR this year 2010: Philip Sims- transferred after 2 seasons, never started ARKANSAS 2011: Brandon Allen- became starter in 3rd year (RS Sophomore) AUBURN 2013: Jeremy Johnson- slated as starter in 3rd year 2011: Kiehl Frazier- backup for 2 seasons, transferred 2010: Cam Newton- became starter in 1st year FLORIDA 2011: Jacoby Brissett- back to Jeff Driskel for 2 seasons, transferred after sophomore year 2011: Jeff Driskell- became starter in 2nd year, injuries led to transfer in 2015 GEORGIA 2013: Brice Ramsey- listed as starter for 2015 season (RS Sophomore) 2011: Christian Lemay- never started, transferred after 2 seasons KENTUCKY 2012: Patrick Towles- became starter in 3rd year (RS Sophomore) LSU 2013: Anthony Jennings- became starter in 2nd year 2011: Zach Mettenberger- became starter in 2nd year 2011: Jerrard Randall- never started, transferred after 2 seasons MISSOURI 2010: James Franklin- became starter in 2nd year OLE MISS 2013: Ryan Buchanan- in battle for starting QB spot (RS Sophomore) SOUTH CAROLINA 2013: Connor Mitch- favorite for starter in 3rd year (RS Sophomore) TENNESSEE 2012: Nathan Peterman-never became permanent starter, transferred after 3 years 2010: Tyler Bray- became starter midway through 1st year TEXAS A&M 2013: Kenny Hill- became starter in 2nd year (has since transferred) 2012: Matt Davis- never started, transferred after 2 years VANDERBILT 2013: Johnathon McCrary: became starter midway through 2nd year (RS Freshman) -------------------------------------------- Number of 4 or 5-star SEC QB commits between 2010-13: 22 Became starter during 1st year: 2 Became starter during 2nd year: 6 Became starter during 3rd year: 3 Became starter during 4th year: 0 Transferred After 1-3 years never starting: 7 Switched Positions: 1 Leader to start for first time this year: 3

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