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BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Jamal Murray's Month in Perspective

Article written by:On3 imageBryan the Intern
UK Athletics Jamal Murray is having a historic month and in terms of scoring in the John Calipari era, it's the best month ever.  He still has the game tomorrow against Vanderbilt to either improve or decrease his 25.4 ppg average in February but barring something incredible, that is where his points per game average will hover around for this month.  But where does that rank in terms of some of the best scoring months in UK history? Below are some major guys in modern UK history (post-1960) and their best scoring average month: Dan Issel: Senior, February 1970 (8 games, 38.0 ppg) Jodie Meeks: Junior, January 2009 (8 games, 28.0 ppg) Jamal Murray: Freshman, February 2016 (7 games, 25.4 ppg) Kenny Walker: Junior, February 1985 (8 games, 25.0 ppg) Joe Crawford: Senior, March 2008 (5 games, 23.8 ppg) Jamal Mashburn: Sophomore, March 1992 (10 games, 23.6 ppg) Rex Chapman: Sophomore, March 1988 (8 games, 22.8 ppg) Ramel Bradley: Senior, January 2008 (6 games, 22.3 ppg) Keith Bogans: Sophomore, March 2001 (7 games, 22.2 ppg) Patrick Patterson: Sophomore, December 2008 (8 games, 22.1 ppg) Goose Given: Sophomore, February 1976 (7 games, 22.0 ppg) Ron Mercer: Sophomore, December 1996 (8 games, 21.5 ppg) Derrick Miller: Senior, December 1989 (9 games, 21.3 ppg) Terrence Jones: Freshman, November 2010 (6 games, 20.6 ppg) Tayshaun Prince: Senior, December 2001 (6 games, 20.3 ppg) Gerald Fitch: Senior, March 2004 (7 games, 19.5 ppg) Julius Randle: Freshman, November 2013 (7 games, 19.0 ppg) Tony Delk: Senior, January 2006 (8 games, 18.8 ppg) Brandon Knight: Freshman, February 2011 (8 games, 18.6 ppg) Antoine Walker: Sophomore, December 1995 (8 games, 18.6 ppg) John Wall: Freshman, November 2009 (6 games, 18.5 ppg) Demarcus Cousins: Freshman, January 2010 (7 games, 18.1 ppg) Anthony Davis: Freshman, February 2012 (6 games, 17.3 ppg) Karl Towns: Freshman, March 2015 (9 games, 12.9 ppg) Dan Issel scored 10 more points per game in his highest scoring that any modern UK player.  And consider just how good Murray has been this month, with the 3-point shot, and Issel still scored 13 more points per game in his best month.  That must have been a sight to see.

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