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Remember this guy? He was the 3rd ranked QB in the nation in 2007. Our friends at Louisville are running on quite a high this week.  Not only are they playing in their first bowl in 39 years tonight against C-USA "powerhouse" Southern Miss, but they received a commitment from a 5-star quarterback out of Florida yesterday.  And if your UL fan friends are anything like mine, the Cards think they are ready to roll in the national championships because of this one player.  Well, let me tell you, as a Cats fan, you have some evidence to give these fans to knock them off their pedestal.  There is no guarantee that quarterbacks of that ranking will have college success.  The commitment to UL is ranked as the 3rd best QB in the nation.  Below are the previous 9 QB's who were ranked by as the 3rd best quarterback in their respective class:  ______________________________________ 2010: Paul Jones (Penn State)- ?????????? 2009: Aaron Murray (Georgia)- redhirted 1st year, started this season, led his team to a whopping 6-6 record 2008: Dayne Crist (Notre Dame)- Did not start first 2 years, was 4-5 this season before blowing out knee, Irish went 3-0 in games he DIDNT start 2007: Aaron Corp (USC)- redshirted freshman year, backup to Mark Sanchez 2ndyear, 3rd year started ONE game against Washington, threw for the lowest amount of passing yards in entire Pete Carroll era, lost starting job, transferred to Richmond 2006: Tim Tebow (Florida)- blah blah blah, 2nd coming of Jesus blah blah blah 2005: Johnathan Crompton (Tennessee) - redshirted 1st year, backup 2nd year, 3rd year went 3-3 as starter, his final year he threw for 27 td's and 13 int's for Lane Kiffin's 1 UT team 2004: Anthony Morelli (Penn State) -Did not start until his junior season, Went 18-8 in his 2 seasons as starter, losing to Ohio State and Michigan both years, his wikipedia page says he was one of the most ridiculed Penn State QB's in history 2003: Chris Leak (Florida) - Took over midway through freshman season, went 35-12 in his career, won national title his senior season 2002: Ben Olsen (BYU) - redshirted freshman year, went on Mormon mission for 2 years, transferred to UCLA after mission, did not play 1st year, was named starter each of final 3 years with UCLA but never finished a year due to injuries, didn't start a single game his senior season, finished career with 12 TD's and 11INT's. ___________________________________________________ Look through those names above.  Only 2 of those 9 quarterbacks had what I would call "very good" careers.  That would be Chris Leak and Tim Tebow.  And frankly, if you sign a 5-star quarterback, you should expect nothing less than a very good career from them.  Corp and Olsen made ZERO impact in their programs.  Morelli and Crompton became starters but were inefficient starters at that, and often criticized by their fanbases.  Crist looks to be a disappointment for Notre Dame, an is injury-prone.  Murray has shown some potential and may become an All-SEC quarterback.  But, even with that talent, he only led Georgia to a 6-6 record.  And nobody knows who Paul Jones is.  Point being, this quarterback could become the player that turns the rivalry back to Louisville, and could make them a dominant Big East power.  He could be their Tim Tebow.  But, odds are more likely he will become their John Crompton or Aaron Corp.  Not my opinion, just what the numbers tell us.

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