BTI's Rants and Ramblings: KSR Summer Fan Stories

joe-b-hall-ira-combs If you have a great story you would like posted on KSR, please send it to My entire family has always been huge UK fans.  I remember setting in the living room gathered around the old Philco radio listening to the games with mom and dad and the rest of the family.  Later we moved up to watching the games on tv.  Mom and dad were the biggest fans.  Then one year they along with my youngest brother Greg were in Lexington for an American Legion baseball game my brother played in.  But before they went home they decided they wanted to see Rupp Arena so they drove there and went inside.  They had never been to a UK home game and just wanted to see it just once in their lives.  The arena of course was locked and they could just peer through windows to see the inside. Then a man came walking down the corridor and it was none other than Coach Joe B. Hall.  He stopped and talked to them and my brother told him they had come from Owensboro and just stopped to see the arena.  Coach Hall took out his keys and unlocked the door and not only did he let them in but he took them on a tour of Rupp.  He took some time out of his busy day to give my parents something they had always wished for.  To see Rupp Arena just once. They are both gone now.  Dad in 1993 and mom in 1994.  But to the end they were diehard Wildcat fans.  And they and my brother never forgot the day Coach Hall showed them around Rupp Arena.  Coach Hall has a special place in the hearts of my family for his kindness.  Thanks Coach Hall.  You made that a very special day for mom and dad and we will never forget you.  You have always been a true Kentucky gentleman.
Phil from Owensboro ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This is the story of how Rick Pitino had me kicked out of preschool.
As a two-year-old in 1994, my parents enrolled me at a small, private preschool in Lexington. Although I do not remember theme memories, they have been well drawn out by my mother in an effort to remind people of the awfulness that is Rick Pitino. I happened to be put in the same class at Rick Pitino's daughter, and we both seemed to crave the attention of the teacher equally. Might I mention that Rick was head coach of the Cats at the time? Apparently, we would both holler and scream until we were given care (i.e. held and comforted) by the teacher, who became irritated by both of our insistent desires for attention. Rick Pitino (or was it his wife?) informed the school's staff that it was his desire that I be removed from the class because I was disrupting his daughter's schooling due to my incessant sobbing. As a result, my mother pulled me from the school and sent me to a school in which I successfully attended for 15 years. However, if not for Rick Pitino, I may have ventured into a much different way of life. So thanks, Rick, for changing my adolescent life.
-Emily ---------------------------------------------------------------------------