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There have been some great nicknames given to former and current UK players over the years.  All of the great teams have nicknames and many of the players currently in the rafters at Rupp Arena and some that aren't have great ones too.  For instance: Jamal Mashburn: Monster Mash Jamaal Magliore: Big Cat Demarcus Cousins: Boogie Derek Anderson: DA Antoine Walker: 'Toine Tony Delk: Double Zero Rex Chapman: King Kenny Walker: Sky Mel Turpin: Dinner Bell Mel And there are many more I haven't included.  But, there are many guys who have played at Kentucky who I either can't remember ever having a nickname or never were actually given one.  So, I am going to give you a list of 10 former players who NEED a nickname.  You can either put your best answer in the comments section or shoot me a message on Twitter.  The 10 best answers will win an infamous KSR Prize, which if you don't know what that means, then ask somebody who has been here longer.  OK, here are the 10 guys: Eric Bledsoe Jodie Meeks (I think Mr. 54 is the obvious answer, but want to hear if there is something better) Chuck Hayes Gerald Fitch Erik Daniels Keith Bogans Tayshaun Prince Wayne Turner Ron Mercer Travis Ford Ok, fire away KSR nation.

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