BTI's Rants and Ramblings: No Matter What Happens, Stoops Should Get 4th Year

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stoops3 In today's sports world we expect our coaches to improve their record each and every season until you reach bowl eligibility.  And once you reach bowl eligibility, you are never expected to leave bowl eligibility.  This year is going to be a make or break year for Mark Stoops.  If UK misses a bowl again this year, I am not saying that Stoops will be out.  I strongly doubt he would be if he wins 5 games again.  But his seat would certainly get hot.  But I think we should all take a different approach when you see the history of UK coaches since Bear Bryant and their 3 year progression while at Kentucky. Bear Bryant Year 1: 7-3, Year 2: 8-3 (Bowl), Year 3: 5-3-2 Progress: -2 wins Blanton Collier Year 1: 7-3, Year 2: 6-3-1, Year 3: 6-4 Progress: -1 win Charlie Bradshaw Year 1: 3-5-2, Year 2: 3-6-1, Year 3: 5-5 Progress: +2 wins John Ray Year 1: 2-8, Year 2: 2-9, Year 3: 3-8 Progress: +1 win Fran Curci Year 1: 5-6, Year 2: 6-5, Year 3: 2-8-1 Progress: -3 wins Jerry Claiborne Year 1: 0-10-1, Year 2: 6-5-1 (Bowl), Year 3: 9-3 (Bowl) Progress: +9 wins Bill Curry Year 1: 4-7, Year 2: 3-8, Year 3: 4-7 Progress: 0 wins Hal Mumme Year 1: 5-6, Year 2: 7-5 (Bowl), Year 3: 6-6 (Bowl) Progress: +1 win Rich Brooks Year 1: 4-8, Year 2: 2-9, Year 3: 3-8 Progress: -1 win Joker Phillips Year 1: 6-7, Year 2: 5-7, Year 3: 2-10 Progress: -4 wins Only 4 of the 10 coaches even improved from Year 1 to Year 3.  Of the 30 seasons listed, only 5 were bowl seasons.  And only Jerry Claiborne improved more than 2 games from his 1st year to his 3rd year.  The point is that when you take over a program, and for many of these men a rebuilding program, you have to give it time.  And by time, I mean AT LEAST 4 years.  Joker Phillips was a special circumstance because he actually took over a stable, successful program and clearly made a downward turn.  But I am arguing that basically no matter how this season turns out (beyond 1-11 or something disastrous) I think Mark Stoops should be given a 4th year.  And yes, that even means if UK misses a bowl again.  Many of those coaches above were given more than 3 years and most of them eventually developed successful programs and teams.  In today's world, that is becoming less and less the norm.  I would argue at a program like Kentucky, it needs to be our norm.

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