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WKU's players suck so bad, they can't even tackle one another. Tomorrow's game against WKU is going to be very difficult for me.  For most UK fans, it's a chance to take a deep breath and relax, because the Hilltoppers are likely to be very little competition for the Cats.  Twenty-plus losses in a row showyou where the Hilltopper program is right now as they continue to adapt to Division 1-A football.  But for me, the game truly tears at my emotions because, if you didn't know, I am a graduate of Western Kentucky, also known as the Harvard of Warren County.  Watching the Tops get crushed week after week has been difficult for me, but watching Kentucky have success on the football field has balanced out my despair.  But now, the two teams have decided to begin a football series, beginning with a 41-3 whipping in 2008.  But that was when WKU was in it's "transition phase" of 1-A football, so there was no expectation of anything else.  Now the Tops are in the Sun Belt Conference, technically eligible for a bowl game, and playing a full 1-A schedule.  Which brings me to my question: IS IT OK FOR ME TO CHEER FOR THE TOPS TO KEEP IT CLOSE ON SATURDAY? I am not pulling for a WKU win, because UK has the possibility of a great season, while Western has no real big time goals.  But, is it wrong for me to hope that WKU can make a game of it, so as to not see my alma mater crushed to an in-state opponent, whether it's UK or not.  And this is tough to say, but the only way that WKU keeps it close on Saturday is if Kentucky plays like crap.  It really is the only way.  If Kentucky even plays average, like they did against UL, we will be looking at a 25-30 point win.  So, now you can see the dilemma.  Do I cheer for my #1 team, Kentucky, to play great and destroy my alma mater, which would be great and terrible at the same time?  Or do I hope for a poorly played game from Kentucky so my Hilltoppers can save face, something they haven't had much chance to do over the last 2 seasons?   Let me know what to do UK fans.  I am particulary looking for advice from non-UK grads.  If you graduated from Kentucky, you really don't know what its like to see your alma mater play your favorite team.  I would ask Kate Martin (Purdue grad) but she is still off on sabbatical at the Playboy Mansion.

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