BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Opening Games Under Mark Stoops

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Opening games have been a mixed bag for Mark Stoops, as you can see below. 2013: An absolute trainwreck against Western Kentucky.  The Cats came out flat and despite the game being close until the 4th quarter, UK was outclassed by WKU for the entire game.  They were not ready to play and the first impression of the Mark Stoops era was not good.  Of course, his talent level is probably as low as any UK team in the modern era. 2014: Weak opponent but the Cats were sharp.  Patrick Towles showed some skill and the defense played well.  It also clearly showed an increase in the talent pool.  Overall, impressive performance. 2015: After flashes of brilliance early, the Cats puckered hard and nearly blew the game.  But at the end, UK finally stepped up and pulled out the victory late. So, what do you think is the most likely performance next Saturday against Southern Miss:
  1. Trainwreck Loss
  2. Impressive Win
  3. Nervous Victory

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