BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Sometimes You Just Have Ice Cream With the '96 Champs

BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Sometimes You Just Have Ice Cream With the '96 Champs

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So over the next 2 weeks I will be away on my honeymoon but rather than leave this space on the website empty (although many of you would like that), I instead offered to give some of the people I know best and known this website best, the chance to make their mark on KSR.  I already know some of them will be better than me.  Be aware, some might not be UK fans but I think having a little more perspective from our rivals and how they think about us is a good thing.  Today, a lifelong friend and UK fan, Kelly, brings a great story about how sometimes your idols show up when you least expect them.  Enjoy:  Where to start? Friday afternoon. I get a text from BTI. It’s the day before he leaves on his honeymoon, and he’s asking if I could write a post while he is gone. No pressure at all, right? No other directions other than “it can be about a favorite player, favorite game, or your huge crush on Drew Franklin.” No crush on Drew Franklin, by the way. No offense, Drew- though my husband and I do talk about how jealous we are of your life. UK games, Taco Bell, and your amazing Snapchat stories. You’re living the dream. I’ve been a Kentucky fan for as long as I can remember. I have had the opportunity to hold season tickets for the past 4 years, and I can truly say there is no place like Rupp and no fans like the Big Blue Nation! I get a little salty when I hear people say that Rupp ice cream is overrated. It’s not. I’ve seen many games and even met a few of my favorite players, but one of my favorite memories comes from December 2012. My husband and I came up to Lexington for the day to hang out while my parents went on to the game. We watched the game from a bar across from Rupp. The 96 team was being recognized that day, and there was going to be a signing after the game. UK had a nice lead, so we decided it was safe to stop watching and head back over to Lexington Center to get in line for the signing. It was a ghost town in there, so we got some ice cream and sat down to wait. My husband turned around to see 8 tall dudes walking toward us. Most of them had ice cream in their hand too. Before I know it, I’m sitting next to Walter McCarty, Derek Anderson, and Antoine Walker, eating ice cream and talking. Is this real life? I was trying to play it cool and also keep my husband from fangirling too hard. We all chatted for a bit- talking about the game, how Rupp ice cream is the best (duh, I told you), and some of their favorite memories. It wasn’t long before more fans began to leave the game and notice these legends hanging out in the food court. They took their places at their signing table and some of us posed for a picture before saying goodbye. Being there so early also meant we got through the line first- score! It felt like a dream and I even had people that didn’t believe me when I posted to facebook: “Sitting next to Walter McCarty eating ice cream, no big deal.” Of course I had to brag about it. Such a cool moment as a lifelong fan. The guys were very genuine and even though they are known as the “Untouchables,” I thank them for treating us like friends, not just fans. Feel free to post BTI sucks, since that’s something we can all agree on. Just kidding- BTI is truly a great guy and I’ve been lucky to know him for 25 years. Probably the nicest guy you will ever meet. Thanks for asking me to write- I’m expecting my check in the mail. Go Cats!

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