BTI's Rants and Ramblings: The 3-point Streak Has Walked a Tight Line

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November 14th, 1988.  That is the last game that Kentucky has played without hitting a 3-point shot.  Kentucky lost that game to Seton Hall, missing it's only 2 attempts in that game, thanks to Chris Mills and John Pelphrey.  Since that time, UK has hit a 3-pointer in each and every game they have played, a total of 1,035 games.  But that streak hasn't had it's unsure moments, including a couple games this season.  UK has not only not relied on the 3-pointer like Calipari teams of the past, but they also have had a tendency to be quite streaky with the shot. Just take a look at all the time that Kentucky has made just one 3-pointer in a game since that Seton Hall game in 1988: 1989: Marshall (Richie Farmer) 1989: Austin Peay (Derrick Miller) 1989: Georgia (Derrick Miller) 1989: Tennessee (Derrick Miller) 1989: Mississippi State (Richie Farmer) 1997: Purdue (Ron Mercer) 1997: Auburn (Anthony Epps) 1997: Georgia (Allen Edwards) 1999: Colorado (Tayshaun Prince) 2000: Utah (Jules Camara) 2000: Alaska-Anchorage (JP Blevins) 2002: South Carolina (Tayshaun Prince) 2003: Wisconsin (Keith Bogans) 2004: Indiana (Kelenna Azubuike) 2007: Indiana (Jodie Meeks) 2008: Stony Brook (Joe Crawford) 2008: Vanderbilt (Ramel Bradley) 2009: West Virginia (Jodie Meeks) 2009: Ole Miss (Jodie Meeks) 2010: Alabama (Darnell Dodson) 2012: Tennessee (Doron Lamb) 2012: LSU (Doron Lamb) 2014: LSU (James Young) 2015: Texas (Andrew Harrison) 2017: Vanderbilt (Malik Monk) 2018: South Carolina (Kevin Knox) 26 times that UK has made just one 3-pointer in a game during the streak.  More than once a season on average.  And seven of those occurances happened during Final Four seasons. A big thank you to Derrick Miller, Richie Farmer, Tayshaun Prince, Jodie Meeks, and Doron Lamb, who all kept the streak alive with solo 3-pointers multiple times in their career.  And lastly, I do find it interesting that in this stat (any maybe this stat only), Tubby Smith teams had seven such games with one 3-pointer, the same amount as John Calipari coached teams in the same amount of years. Nonetheless, the streak remains alive and we continue to celebrate it.  By the hair on our chiny chin chin.

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