BTI's Rants and Ramblings: The Bowl Picture Broken Down

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(If you ever needed a reason to follow me on Twitter, it would be today.  I have linked to an AMAZING rap song about this years Louisville basketball team.  Let's just say they have a little more confidence in Stephan Van Tresse than people probably should.) Let's get something real clear from the get-go about how the bowl picture is sorted out in the SEC.  It is not overall record that decides the order, it is conference record.  Hence, even if Kentucky beats Tennessee and finishes 7-5, it will be slotted behind Georgia if they beat Georgia Tech and finish 6-6.  Now, with that said, here is where we stand.: Kentucky can finish with no more than 3 conference wins, meaning that these teams will get a "better" bowl than Kentucky, no matter how the rest of the season plays out: Auburn LSU Alabama South Carolina Florida Arkansas That eliminates the BCS Bowl, Capital One, Outback, Cotton, Chick Fil-A, and Gator Bowls. ___________________________________________________________ QUICK POST REVISION: I got some poor information from Will Lentz about SEC Bowls.  Or was it Drew Franklin.  I don't know, but I think these guys intentionally plant bad info to me all the time.  I guess if there are 4 teams with 3 conference wins, they are not seeded for bowls.  Whoops. But, let me ask you this question: Assuming Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi State are all bowl eligible, who are the most attractive bowl teams?  Obviously Georgia and Tennessee are the most attractive, which leaves MSU and Kentucky.  If Kentucky loses to Tennessee, then they would be the only SEC team with 2 conference wins, and thus would get the lowest SEC Bowl, which is the Birmingham Bowl.  If Kentucky beats Tennessee, that would knock out the Vols, leaving UK, Georgia, and MSU with 3 conference wins.  Georgia would almost surely get the Music City Bowl, leaving the Liberty and Birmingham Bowls for the Bulldogs and UK. So, there you go, it looks strongly like Liberty or Birminghman is the answer.  For Nashville to be the answer, Georgia needs to lose, UK needs to beat Tennessee, and the Music City Bowl needs to choose Kentucky over Mississippi State, which I would think would be likely.  And, as a tribute to next week's Maui visit, here is a video of UK's greatest Maui moment:

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