BTI's Rants and Ramblings: The Struggle of a UK Fan Living in Louisville
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BTI's Rants and Ramblings: The Struggle of a UK Fan Living in Louisville

Bryan the Internabout 6 years


Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
IMG_8175 The last few weeks have been a very interesting dilemma for all Kentucky fans living in the city of Louisville.  To see our heated rival have to go through the struggle of knowing something bad happened in your program, or completely living in denial, leaves us with a tough decision.  People who live out in the state without any daily interaction with Louisville fans get off easy.  You have crafted an idea of what a UL fan is in your mind and nothing you see will change that opinion.  But myself and thousands of others in this city don't get that luxury.  We actually work, live, and hang out with these people.  Hell, most of my family are UL fans.  And so I am faced with a difficult decision.  Do I sympathize with people who I love and care for?  Or is it my job as a UK fan to take a joy in their pain? You see, there is a dirty little secret that most people reading this website will never want to admit: UL fans are not that bad.  They really aren't.  You know how UK fans get this reputation for being obsessed and crazy, almost to the point of delusion?  Well, the reality is that we absolutely have some of those people and they are often the loudest of our fans.  But the other 95% of us are normal people with normal lives who follow and cheer for a college team.  The same goes for UL.  Of course they have that idiot fan who drinks Crown Royal and speaks like they are in a 90's rap video and want to punch Matt Jones at every opportunity.  But the reality is that 95% of them go to the games, have a couple beers, cheer on the Cards, and go home to their wives and kids and jobs.  And they'll give you a hot dog at the tailgate and share a laugh about this or that.  I know these people all too well. The problem is now that those people are hurting.  Taking away the UL fan in denial, most UL fans know something bad is coming in the future.  And frankly many of them have come to the conclusion that it's time for Pitino to go.  We'll see if that happens or not, but the fact is they know.  They are faced with deciding if they can still passionately support a program with that kind of scandal and a coach who doesn't seem recognize the severity of this story.  And I feel for them and think about if we had the same thing happen at UK.  Would my UL friends have sympathy for me and fanhood or would they be ruthless in their criticism? My point in saying that is UL fans have not been unique in their response to this in my opinion.  They are either trying to defend their program to the death or figure out how to proceed.  But either way they are in a struggling position.  It's easy for the UK fan in Harlan to take great joy in that.  They don't have UL family members or friends.  But for those of us living here, who've had countless positive encounters with UL people, that makes it tough.  Am I supposed to make fun of my uncle or cousins if their program goes on probation and they don't get to experience an NCAA Tournament this year?  Is that what being a fan is all about? I want to hear from UK fans living in Louisville.  Have you experienced the same kind of mixed emotions as me?  Do the UL people you like deserve a little slack in how much grief you give them?

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