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I have gone to several websites where this audio was posted, and I have not seen ONE that called this a prank or a comical bit put on by this radio show, so I am going under the assumption that this is legit.  An Alabama fan called an Oregon radio station to respond to some blabber about how great the Ducks are, and instead made himself look like the stereotype that 95% of SEC fans would love to get rid of.  Pretty funny stuff, but also pretty sad that some people are this delirious.  Also, you may notice the audio quality on the caller's end sounds too good, but it has been cleaned up by somebody.  I have heard the original clip and it sounds like it normally would, with poorer quality from the caller and better from the hosts. 
(On a side note, there are a small portion of Kentucky fans JUST THIS BAD when it comes to basketball, so nobody can act like this fanbase is immune for this idiocy.)
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