BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Top 10 Names in UK Basketball History

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Name this player 10. STEVE PENHORWOOD (1970-71): The greatest 0-point scorer in UK history 9a and 9b. GEORGE CRITZ and LARRY LENTZ (1963-64): Everybody remembers the classic Critz-Lentz combo, right? 8. LINCOLN COLLINSWORTH: If he wasn’t bathing in gold coins, then nobody is 7. HESHIMU EVANS: Maybe my favorite first name in my lifetime 6. DOUG PENDYGRAFT: Anything after the word “pendy” is just bonus.  Pendyvomit, whatever. 5. MATT SCHERBENSKE: Did anybody remember he played at Oak Hill?  Me neither. 4. HERKY RUPP: Heshimu wins first name in my lifetime.  Herky wins it before my lifetime. 3. TODD SVOBODA: Not many last names start with S-V, but we’ve got one 2. LOU TSIOROPOULOS: The best named of a retired jersey in UK history 1. LUKASZ OBRZUT: Or do we just go with Woo?  Either way, he makes the list. So who am I missing?

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