BTI's Rants and Ramblings: UK-UL Game Records, Will Any Be Broken?

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of the modern Governor's Cup and we have seen some amazing performances from both sides over the years.  Below you will find some of the individual and team records since the series renewed.  And my question is fairly simple: Which of these records is most likely to be broken on Saturday? The answer for me is pretty simple.  On paper, it seems Teddy Bridgewater could be on the verge of a big day.  UK's secondary has actually been fairly decent through 2 games, but it still is one of their thinnest positions both in depth and experience.  And with UL's core of receivers and Bridgewater, if UK does not play well in the secondary, the Heisman candidate could have a field day.  I am actually surprised that over the previous 19 games a UL quarterback hasn't thrown for more than 368 yards, considering how pass-happy their offense has been over the years.  From a Kentucky standpoint, maybe the rushing record could be in play if Raymond Sanders has a big day.  And if Sanders does happen to rush for over 123 yards, I think Kentucky could very well have a chance to win.  The passing records are likely out of reach. SCORING Louisville: 59 (2006) Kentucky: 68 (1998) MARGIN OF VICTORY Louisville: 31 (2006) Kentucky: 34 (1998) RUSHING Louisville: Frank Moreau (181 yards, 1999) Kentucky: Derrick Homer (123 yards, 1998) PASSING Louisville: Chris Redman (368 yards, 1998) Kentucky: Tim Couch (498 yards, 1998) RECEIVING Louisville: Zeke Parker (184 yards, 2001) Kentucky: Craig Yeast (150 yards, 1998) FIELD GOALS Louisville: Chris Philpott (3, 2010) Kentucky: Taylor Begley (3, 2002)

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