BTI's Rants and Ramblings: UK Will Not Lose 10 Games

BTI's Rants and Ramblings: UK Will Not Lose 10 Games

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We are not in the 10-loss Tubby era anymore.  Maybe we are still trying to shake off the last few years of 10-loss Tubby or the tenure of 10-pint Billy, but if there is one statement that has infuriated me about this UK team more than others, it's this: "Duhur, we just suck so bad.  Duhur, we are going to lose to 10 games this year.  Duhur.  Math is Hard." Yeah, I am being a condescending SOB to anybody who says this, because it is just plain ignorant.  That statement, like so many other made by irrational fans, takes no thought and is made out of purely being moronic and just saying things without using your 10 or less brain cells.  You can say whatever the heck you want about my views on things, but I at least try and do a small amount of research and back up what I say with something resembling facts.  Those who think this team is going to lose 10 games don't have that same quality. Now, you might ask how it is I know UK won't lose 10 games?  Well, first of all, Kentucky will likely be the underdog in NO MORE than 3 games the rest of this season.  If the games fall a certain way, UL could be favored against UK.  And possibly the games at Florida and Tennessee.  All 3 of those games are a maybe.  Kentucky would have to get upset in AT LEAST 5 games the rest of regular season to reach 10 losses.  UK could very well be favored in EVERY GAME THE REST OF THE SEASON.  Let's break it down a little more: Non-Conference Lock Wins: Mississippi Valley State, Winthrop, Coppin State, Penn Competitive Games: Notre Dame, Indiana, at Louisville Outlook: I think Kentucky will win all 3 of competitive games, but realistically, I can see them slipping up in one of those games, most likely Louisville.  Just for the sake of argument though, let's say that Kentucky somehow loses 2 out of those 3 games.  There is no way they lose all 3.  With 2 losses. that would leave them with 4 LOSSES total coming into conference play.  Conference Lock Wins: Auburn, LSU, at Alabama, at Ole Miss, South Carolina, at Arkansas Competitive Games: Georgia (2), Tennessee (2), Florida (2), Vanderbilt (2), Mississippi State, at South Carolina Outlook: That is 10 competitive games for Kentucky in conference play, including 5 of those at home.  For Kentucky to reach 10 losses, they would have to lose EVERY competitive road game and a home game.  Do you really see Kentucky losing to every member of the Eastern Division this season?  Considering how bad the SEC has been this year, do you really think that is possible?  Do you really see Georgia, Florida, and Vanderbilt all beating the Cats?  From what we have seen from the SEC so far, I have said before that Kentucky should be no worse than 13-3 in conference.  All Kentucky would have to do, assuming they come out of non-conference with 4 losses (not likely) is go 11-5 in the SEC to avoid 10 losses.  And if you think Kentucky doesn't have 12 or 13 SEC wins in them, then you haven't been paying attention. If Kentucky gets to 10 losses this season, I will allow any KSR reader to kick me in the foot and kick Drew Franklin in the . How do I think it will go? Kentucky will lose to either Notre Dame or Louisville, not both, making them 11-3 going into SEC play.  Kentucky will lose at Tennessee, at Vanderbilt, and at either Georgia or Florida, finish 13-3 in conference, taking a 24-6 record into the tournaments.  They will win the SEC Tournament again, get a 2 or 3 seed in the NCAA Tournament, and make AT LEAST the Sweet 16.  I think this team finishes either 29-7 or 30-7.

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