BTI's Rants and Ramblings: UK's Response to Blowouts

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After a deflating loss like the one Kentucky suffered last Saturday, the worry is always how a team will respond the next week and for the rest of the season.  Some teams never recover and their season becomes a disaster, and some teams take on the challenge and succeed.  I wondered how Kentucky had historically handled blowout losses, so I went back since Rich Brooks started and found the times when Kentucky has lost by 28 points or more in a game and how long it took them to win again: 2009 LOST TO FLORIDA 41-7 -Lost to Alabama 38-20 -Lost at South Carolina 28-26 -Won at Auburn 21-14 2008 LOST AT FLORIDA 63-5 -Won at Mississippi State 14-13 2006 LOST AT LOUISVILLE 59-28 -Won vs Texas State 41-7 LOST AT LSU 49-0 -Won at Mississippi State 34-31 2005 LOST AT SOUTH CAROLINA 44-16 -Lost at Mississippi 13-7 -Won vs Mississippi State 13-7 LOST AT GEORGIA 45-13 -Lost vs Tennessee 27-8 -End of Season 2004 LOST TO LOUISVILLE 28-0 -Won vs Indiana 51-32 LOST VS ALABAMA 45-17 -Lost vs South Carolina 12-7 -LOST AT AUBURN 42-10 -Lost at Mississippi State 22-7 -LOST TO GEORGIA 62-17 -Won vs Vanderbilt 14-13 If all of that is too much info and numbers, let's recap it in bullet points: -Kentucky has won 5 out of 10 times in the game following a 28+ point loss -2 of those 5 wins came on the road, both against Mississippi State -In the 5 instances when Kentucky lost the game after the blowout, the average loss was 12 points -In the 5 instances when Kentucky won the game after the blowout, the average win was 11 points So, how do you think Kentucky will respond Saturday in Oxford?  Are you worried how this team will react to a blowout?

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