BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Under/Overachievers over the past 10 years

BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Under/Overachievers over the past 10 years

Bryan the Internover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
I figure it's as good a time as any to take a trip down memory lane, and reconsider some of the recruiting decisions of the last decade.  Below, I have split every scholarship recruit since 2002 (excluding the 2010 class that hasn't finished proving itself yet) into groups of overachievement, underachievement, and push.  Push essentially means the player performed at the level expected when coming to school.  A couple things to keep in mind about my rankings: -I did NOT include off the court behavior or fan likeability into the rankings.  Only on the court performance was considered for this particular list.  Hence why guys like Darnell Dodson may have been given higher rankings than fans considered. -Stars matter.  If a 5-star player scored 500 points in his career, and a 4-star player scored 500 points, I consider the 4-star player more of an overachievement.  Hence why Ramel Bradley is ranked ahead of Joe Crawford.    OVERACHEIVER *****Patrick Patterson (2007): 3 seasons, 1,564 points (16.1 ppg), 791 rebounds (8.2 rpg) *****John Wall (2009): 1 season, 616 points (16.7 ppg), 241 assists (6.5 apg) *****Demarcus Cousins (2009): 1 season, 575 points (15.1 ppg), 375 rebounds (9.9 rpg) ****Kelenna Azubuike (2002): 3 seasons, 970 points (10.0 ppg), 48.5 FG% ****Ramel Bradley (2004):4 seasons, 1,326 points (10.4 ppg), 316 assists (2.7 apg) ****Jodie Meeks (2006): 3 seasons, 1,246 points (15.4 ppg), 38.6 3p% ****Eric Bledsoe (2009): 1 season, 419 points (11.3 ppg), 106 assists (2.9 apg) PUSH *****Randolph Morris (2004): 3 seasons, 1,123 points (12.6 ppg), 531 rebounds (6.0 rpg) *****Rajon Rondo (2004): 2 seasons, 654 points (9.6 ppg), 285 assists (4.2 apg) *****Joe Crawford (2004): 4 seasons, 1,438 points (11.3 ppg), 426 rebounds (3.4 rpg) **** Perry Stevenson (2006): 4 seasons, 602 points (4.5 ppg), 491 rebounds (3.7 rpg) ****Derrick Jasper (2006): Given pass due to injury, otherwise an underacheiver ****Darius Miller (2008): 3 seasons, 663 points (6.8 ppg), 315 rebounds (3.3 rpg) ****Deandre Liggins (2008): 3 seasons, 451 points (5.3 ppg), 179 assists (2.1 apg) ***Bobby Perry (2003): 4 seasons, 665 points (5.5 ppg), 41.8 FG% ***Josh Harrellson (2008): 3 seasons, 296 points (3.8 ppg), 310 rebounds (3.9 rpg) ***Darnell Dodson (2009): 1 season, 209 points (6.0 ppg), 34.7 3P% UNDERACHEIVER *****Antwain Barbour (2002): 2 seasons, 259 points (4.2 ppg), 40.6 FG% *****Daniel Orton (2009): 1 season, 129 points (3.4 ppg), 126 rebounds (3.3 rpg) ****Shagari Alleyne (2003): 3 seasons, 138 points (1.9 ppg), 96 rebounds (1.3 rpg) ****Brandon Stockton (2002): 4 seasons, 120 points (1.5 ppg), 34.5 FG% ****Rekalin Sims (2005): 1 season, 129 points (4.5 ppg), 85 rebounds (2.9 rpg) ****Jared Carter (2005): 4 seasons, 40 points (0.9 ppg), 47 rebounds (1.0 rpg) ****Alex Legion (2007): 1/2 season, 40 points (6.7 ppg) ****Kevin Galloway (2008): 1 season, 56 points (1.8 ppg), 51 assists (1.6 apg) ****Jon Hood (2009): 2 seasons, 46 points (1.1 ppg), 33 rebounds (0.8 rpg) ***Bernard Cote (2002): 2 seasons, 60 points (1.1 ppg), 39.6 FG% ***Sherray Thomas (2003): 4 seasons, 308 points (2.6 ppg), 46.8 FG% ***A.J. Stewart (2007): 2 seasons, 104 points (2.0 ppg), 74 rebounds (1.4 rpg) **Lukasz Obrzut (2003): 4 seasons, 196 points (1.6 ppg), 135 rebounds (1.1 rpg) **Adam Williams (2004): 1 season, 8 points (0.5 ppg) **Michael Porter (2006): 3 seasons, 243 points (2.7 ppg), 142 assists (1.6 apg) Because I already know which players will cause the most uproar in the comments, let me explain my thinking about a couple of these guys: Morris: I went back and forth on this because Morris never SEEMED to play hard.  Plus he came in as a 5-star player.  But, in my opinion, he was the best true center at Kentucky since Kenny Walker Sam Bowie.  Cousins would eventually take that title.  But despite Morris' off the court issues (which were not included), Morris was a consistent force in the post, and in his junior year, was the only player UK could depend on.  Thus, he is a PUSH for me.  Most will probably disagree, but most hate him PERSONALLY, and thus ignore his actual results on the court.  Bledsoe: If Bledsoe had been a 5-star, I might have dropped him to PUSH status, but as a 4-star, he way exceeded expectations.  Crawford: No doubt the hardest choice I struggled with.  The problem I had with Joe is it took him 2 1/2 years to come around.  His senior season was fantastic, but he really only had 1 1/2 "great" years at UK.  And as a 5-star player, that just isn't good enough to move out of the PUSH category. Rondo: Probably the only guy who I considered his NBA career in the ranking.  We now see just how good he could have been, and whether that was Tubby's fault or not, Rondo did not reach nor exceed his potential at UK. Liggins:I am giving Liggins a pass as a current player and his much improved play this season.  But, if he drops off any over the next year, he would likely drop to underachiever in my book. Perry: Certainly, he was never a star at Kentucky.  But as a 3-star in high school, we should not have expected him to be one.  He basically played like a 3-star plays.  Same goes for Harrellson and Dodson.  So, where am I off-base?  Which guys have been overachievers and underachievers in your book?  And, what about this freshman class currently playing.  Where would you put those guys?

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