BTI's Rants and Ramblings: We Shouldn't Hate UT, We Should Love UT

BTI's Rants and Ramblings: We Shouldn't Hate UT, We Should Love UT

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How can you not love this guy? In an effort to please the requests of John Clay, I am boycotting this hate day here at KSR.  Because we have far too much hate in this world these days.  We hate other people, cities, teams, religions, countries, and on and on.  Hell, Charlie Sheen says he has a passion for hate.  Of course, he also said he has the boogers of a 7-year-old, so maybe I shouldn't use him.  But I am going to break the trend of hate here at KSR.  I am going to be the Martin Luther King Jr. of this site.  It's a all peace, all day BTI today because I am admitting to this here and now: I LOVE THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE There, I said it.  I love them.  Just to showcase how much I love them, I will give you a Letterman Top 10 list of why I feel this way, courtesy of the home office in Matt's basement: 10. I love them because they have been so generous in their own building.  They have allowed Kentucky to beat them 51 times in Knoxville.  9.  Not only have they been so generous in a team aspect, but they also did so on an individual basis.  They let Jodie Meeks score 54 points on their home floor.  Witness.  8. I love Tennessee and especially Coach Bruce Pearl, for taking the NCAA's attention away from our coach and onto him.  Especially considering Pearl ACTUALLY commits violations. 7. I love that Tennessee has taken players like Tony Harris, JP Prince, Brian Williams, and other gun-holding individuals.  Because as much I have hated Rod Rhodes, Rashaad Carruth, and Darnell Dodson, they will never compare to UT fools.  Thanks Vol nation. 6. I love that Tennessee hasn't beaten UK in an SEC Tournament in 30 years.  Once again, I would assume out of the genrosity of their hearts.  5. While they didn't have to do this, UT has allowed Kentucky to take Ron Mercer and Tony Delk from the state.  Not that those guys amounted to much.  Only UK's last 2 consensus All-Americans before last season. 4. And clearly they felt bad about stealing Allen Houston from our state, so they allowed UK to put the largest beatdown in SEC Tournament history in return, a 61 point drubbing in 1993.  3. You know what might have been the biggest gift Tennessee gave us: During our lowest point in probation, Tennessee STILL allowed us to beat them 3 our of 4 times between 1989 and 1991.  God, I love you Vols. 2.  Our good friends in Knoxville are not ranked very often.  We in Lexington get almost too used to it.  Which makes it all the more amazing, charitable, and loving they have let the Cats beat them 16 times when they were ranked.  They gave up their ranking for us Cats fans!  Respect that!! 1. 2,044 total wins.  Thank you Tennessee for 145 of those.  OK.  I will give you 1 piece of hate on this day.  I hate how much I love the Tennessee basketball program and how much it has done for our beloved Cats.  That's all I can muster on the Love Hate Day.

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