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Interesting question I heard on a sports radio show here in Louisville yesterday, and it got me thinking.  The question is this: IF YOU HAD FRONT ROW SEATS FOR A UK-UL BASKETBALL GAME AT RUPP ARENA, WOULD YOU TRADE THEM FOR ANOTHER TICKET TO ANOTHER SPORTING EVENT? Now, before I give you my 5 things I would trade the tickets for, you have to understand what the boundaries were for the event.  You can only pick a certain event or venue.  You can't pick a matchup, venue, event, weather, with certain players.  For instance, you can't say you would want to see Lakers game at Staples Center against the Cavs in Game 7 of the NBA Finals with Kobe having the flu like Jordan.  You could say you would want to see a Lakers Playoff Game in Staples.  Now, here are 5 events I would trade UK-UL front row tickets for, and I want to know what you would do the same for: 1) The Super Bowl -Even if it was the top row, I want to attend the Super Bowl once before I die.  Anymore, the large majority of tickets are given out to corporations, and since I don't work for Pepsi, I don't have access to these tickets.  But, the greatest event this country puts on is something that I would give away UK-UL tickets for, without a doubt.  Just to have a first hand experience of all the spectacle, halftime, and outside surroundings of a Super Bowl would be too much to pass up. 2) Game 7 World Series (Any Venue) -I wouldn't care if it was a Royals-Padres Game 7, I think there is no better deciding playoff game than World Series Game 7.  Every batter holds an importance that you don't get with every shot in a NBA game.  And it is inevitable that somebody is going to be a hero, and you never know when its going to come.  I think there is no greater pressure-packed game than a Game 7 of the World Series. 3) Fenway Park Green Monster Seats -In one of the great marketing moves in sports history, when the Red Sox built seats on top of the Green Monster, they likely created the only seat better than directly behind home plate.  You are almost certain to get a home run or two hit into your general area, you get a completely unique perspective of the game than any other seat in the house.  4) 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale -Golf has some of the most candya** players in sport, but the 16th hole in Phoenix is the one place where fans party and scream the entire 4 days, and players actually play along.  If you don't know which hole I am talking about, look at this video. 5) World Cup soccer final -I know, I know, I hate soccer.  I truly do.  But even I can admit the significance of this game and the pure excitement in the stadium when this game is played.  The game would likely be boring as hell, but the atmosphere would more than make up for it.  And if by some miracle of god the USA was playing in the Final (we can dream), then I might actually get into the game too.  Nonetheless, for worldwide impact, nothing beats this.

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