BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Why are people scared of Georgia?

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Maybe it's just fans being fans, but I don't really understand the worry that many have about Saturday's game against Georgia.  I even heard it on the pregame show before the Louisville game.  Oscar Combs claiming Georgia was UK's biggest threat in the East.  In reality, some of Georgia's results this season have been quite underwhelming: (Not included are the first 3 games this season when Trey Thompkins did not play) Lost to Notre Dame by 6 (Neutral) Lost to Temple by 7 (Neutral) Beat Manhattan by 3 (Neutral) Beat UAB by 2 (Home)  Beat Georgia Tech by 1 (Away) Beat Arkansas State by 9 (Home) Beat Mercer by 3 (Away) Beat Eastern Kentucky by 7 (Home) I'm sorry, but a team that only beats EKU by 7 on it's home floor in the game before playing UK doesn't worry me.  A team that beats Mercer by 3 and Manhattan by 2 doesn't worry me. And a team that lost against the only 2 teams in the RPI Top 50 they have played doesn't worry me. You see, what Georgia has going for it is what Tennessee had going for it during the Buzz Peterson years, and maybe even this year: Lots of flashy talent, little actual results.  This Georgia crew is the same group to not make the NCAA Tournament last year.  This is a program that has not had a winning record in the SEC in 7 years.  This is a program not that long removed from probation and a coaching change.  This is a program with only 2 players ranked 4 stars or better.  Kentucky has 8 of those players.    Georgia has 2 fantastic players in Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie.  Well, say hello to Terrence Jones and Brandon Knight.  And we'll go ahead and throw Doron Lamb and Darius Miller in the bunch too.  Who does Georgia have to compare to them?  The answer is nobody.  Much like the UL matchup, if everything perfectly falls into place, UGA could beat the Cats.  But talent almost always trumps circumstance.  Kentucky has significantly more talent than Georgia, plus they are playing better than at any other point this season.  While I look at Georgia's recent results, it doesn't appear there is much improvement there. For only the 3rd time since I have been writing on this site, I am guaranteeing a win.  The other two were the NCAA Tournament over Cornell last season and the win over Louisville in football this season.  Those worked out pretty well, if I remember correctly.  It's time for people to stop being scared of some of other teams, and start getting confident about this team.

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