BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Your Completely Ridiculous SEC East Champions Scenario

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Do you realize that if Kentucky had beaten either Ole Miss or Auburn, they would be LEADING the SEC East right now.  And as wide-open as the league is, especially on the Eastern side, you could sorta kinda reason out Kentucky has a small, slight, miracle chance at winning the conference.  How could it happen, you might ask?  Well first of all, Kentucky would need to win out.  But here is what else needs to happen: Current SEC East Standings South Carolina (2-2) Florida (2-3) Georgia (2-3) Vanderbilt (1-2) Kentucky (1-3) Tennessee (0-3) Now, you look at Kentucky in 5th place and think they still have no shot in the league.  But that is not accurate.  Because Kentucky holds the tiebreaker over the league leader (South Carolina), and is tied in the loss column with everybody else except Vandy, they are sitting is a pretty good place.  If Kentucky can beat Georgia this weekend and Vanderbilt later in the season, they would then hold tiebreakers over both of them.  So, Kentucky's slim chances at a title revolve around is this: A.Winning out in the conference (Georgia, at Miss St., Vandy, at Tennessee) B.Needing 1 loss each from Florida and South Carolina (those two teams meet November 13th, so the winner of that game needs one loss and Kentucky has a shot) _________________________________________________ I find it hard to believe that either Florida or South Carolina will run through the rest of their conference slate undefeated, so really if Kentucky has any lofty goals, they are all right in front of them.  Trip up this weekend against Georgia and suddenly another Music City Bowl seems likely.  Beat Georgia, and things REALLY start getting interesting.  Other games that are key for Kentucky's chances:  1) South Carolina at Vanderbilt (Oct. 23):If Vandy can pull the upset, Kentucky could nearly control its own destiny. 2) Florida vs Georgia (Oct. 30): Assuming UK can beat Georgia this weekend, a Georgia win in this game would be HUGE 3) Arkansas at South Carolina (Nov. 6):If Vandy doesn't beat USC, then Arkansas is next in line for a chance to help UK 4) South Carolina at Florida (Nov. 13):If South Carolina has lost to either Vandy or Arkansas before this game, then cheer for USC.  If they still have only 2 conference losses, then cheer for Florida. So, is it a pipe dream to wish for a SEC East title for Kentucky this season?  Probably.  But for the first time maybe in my life, the SEC East is weak and the schedule sets up for Kentucky to POTENTIALLY do something special.  It has not always been Kentucky's history to take advantages of these opportunities, but maybe just maybe, with a new coach at hand, an always increasing confident QB, and a star like Cobb, UK can do something special and put basketball to the back burner for one season.

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