BTI's Rants and Rumblings: KSR 2010 Survey (Part 4 of 5)

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Today's question is one that I love to bring up every couple months because people have such a varying degree as to their qualifications for honoring a person in the rafters of Rupp Arena.  Some are more lenient than others, some consider team success over everything else, and others are only concerned with individual success.  Personally, individual accomplishments come before everything else, and winning is just a bonus.  Case in point, Dan Issel, who never made a Final Four.  Anywho, the question is pretty obvious today: WHAT FORMER UK PLAYERS DESERVE TO HAVE THEIR JERSEY RETIRED, INCLUDING THE GROUP OF 2010 WHO HAVE JUST ENTERED THE NBA DRAFT? __________________________________________________ Patrick Barker Delk, Hayes and Patterson  ___________________________________________________ Dustin Rumbaugh Tony Delk, Chuck Hayes, Patrick Patterson. If Wall would have won a championship, I think you could make the argument a little better but having probably one of the best freshman to ever play might make for a good argument. ___________________________________________________ Christopher Johns Prince, Hayes, and Patterson ___________________________________________________ Hunter Campbell Delk, Prince and Bogans for sure. All top-10 scorers and All-Americans. Patterson certainly as well. I'd love to see Hayes for sentimental reasons although his numbers aren't necessarily comparable to the other guys. Had we won the title or had he won player of the year, Wall would have an argument. As it is, if we're going to start hanging up jerseys of one-and-done guys that make the All-American team, we're probably going to be spending a lot on banners. ___________________________________________________ Kate Martin Prince, Delk...I'm not too sentimental about the jerseys in the rafters and kind of stick to the opinion that only the truly greats should be up there.  Love Boogie and Wall but they only had one year. ____________________________________________________ BTI Delk, Prince, Bogans, Patterson, Tubby.  Delk and Prince are absolute shoe-ins.  I could be wrong, but I think Jamal Mashburn is the only player to have his jersey retired after leaving school early.  Patterson needs to become the second, despite the lack of a Final Four.  Bogans is a tough choice because he lacks the Final Four and love from the fans, but his stats are greater than Prince's.  And Tubby won a national title and kept the program clean, case closed. _____________________________________________________ What do you think about the fact that NONE of the 6 KSR writers had the same player on their ballot.  Chris left off Delk, Barker and Rumbaugh didn't have Prince, Kate didn't pick Patterson, and I say no on Hayes.  That tells you just how difficult it is to find appropriate criteria to get these guys honored.  So, who do you think should get the jersey in the rafters? 

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