Buddy Holly Glasses' Afternoon Notes

Matt Jonesalmost 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
parkerswag It is the calm after the storm today as it seems like Big Blue Land is tired (myself included) after last night's celebration. Couple of notes: --- If you couldnt tell on television the players were chanting "UK 2K, UK 2K" as they danced immediately after the game. I will go ahead and say that if Boogie doesnt make you smile, you arent my friend. --- Line of the night from the Live Blog came from a reader who said: "UK basketball: From the Drink and Drive to the Dribble Drive". --- I hate to be a negative Nancy, but tomorrow's game with Long Beach State will be a test. You have a team playing its third game in five days against a group that has the shooters to give UK a run. Add in the 1 pm start and it is a dangerous game. --- I spoke after the game to Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated, who is in town doing a feature on John Wall for the magazine. Expect to see that in the coming weeks. He is also SI's soccer writer and gave me tips for the potential KSR World Cup trip to South Africa this summer. --- I am not going to say that a piece of confetti got stuck in Cutler's moustache, but I am not going to say it didnt either. --- The happiest person in the building that didnt play for UK last night? None other than Laodu. The man knows how to celebrate. --- You know its a big game when Kenny Walker has not one, but two hoop earrings in. That is special. --- Finally, Oscar Combs said last night that Calipari will be visiting Adolph Rupp's grave with Herky Rupp and Joe B Hall for his television show this week. More all day...and a Kate post tonight!

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