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On a rainy day in Lexington, we have a few late night notes for the Kentucky faithful.

Patterson was selected to the iHoops first team, which apparently is a team selected to help prevent rule-breaking in the recruiting process, and not a pocket sized MP3 player.  The participants selected him saying “He’s just a good kid. We’re very fortunate and blessed to have a kid like that,” which is something we have all known for a while.

-Jeff Goodman writes that Calipari saw this coming.  And honestly, most of us probably did too.  The saddest part about last night was that the youth and inexperience label these freshmen had shed, finally came back to bite them when it mattered most.  On the positive side, like Goodman said, even if there is a huge exodus from the roster Calipari will reload.

-In case you have a craving to watch Kentucky play more hoops, the women’s team takes on number one seed Nebraska tonight at 9:30 on ESPN2.  Most experts pick Nebraska to win, and from what little I know about the women’s basketball scene, the Huskers are supposed to be pretty good. Still, Kentucky has come on strong towards the end of the season, and gave other #1 Tennessee all they wanted on their home court during the last game of the season.  It will be a battle, but one worth watching.

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