Butler's "Thringers" look familiar...
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Butler's "Thringers" look familiar...

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 6 years


IMG_5787 Stop me when this starts to sound familiar: four Butler students came up with a foam finger that looks like three finger salute players make after they hit a three-pointer. They dubbed the creation the "Thringer." Get it? Like three fingers...yeah. Wait, what? That's a three goggle, right? Well, not according to the NCAA, who bought 3,000 "thringers" from "Freelance Foam," the company the four Butler students created. They will distribute 750 to each student section at the Final Four this weekend as a "student gift." Now, I'm not the type of fan who thinks Kentucky created the three goggle. The Trailblazers started doing the motion in 2010, and Kentucky basketball and other college teams quickly adopted it, although there is a fair argument that the Cats made it mainstream. I've seen three goggle foam fingers around for years, most recently at the SEC Tournament in Nashville. Anyways, if you're one of the lucky 750 UK students to get a student ticket this weekend, enjoy your three goggle. (I will never call it a thringer.) [Indy Star]

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