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Bye Bye Bye

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Bye bye bye As spring winds down and summer begins to set in, networks across the land are deciding which shows to renew and which to axe.  Some networks finely craft their fall lineup to allow shows to compliment each other.  Others (Fox) hire monkeys to throw darts at a dart board to determine their programming lineup.  Either way, this time of year is often filled with the sad passing of some shows and the joyful relief that others are gone.  Let's look at some of the most high profile shows which will vacate their time slot. American-Idol-Logo2 American Idol It was time...about five years ago.  I could write a lot of words about why this is a good thing and should be celebrated.  I will take the high road and choose to remember the positive impact of American Idol.  Legitimate stars like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood got their starts on American Idol.  The show revitalized careers for Jennifer Lopez and Stephen Tyler and introduced American audiences to Simon Cowell.  The best thing about American Idol though were the contestants that had no shot to win. The following The Following Kevin Bacon brought some big screen cred to the small screen in this cult killer crime drama.  The premise of the show was solid for the first season and even the second kept some if the magic alive.  Ultimately the story of Joe Carroll dried up for audiences and Fox executives so they pulled the plug.  (Minor Spoiler Alert)  You can only keep bringing back dead characters so many times before the novelty wears off. constantine Constantine Ah, Constantine.  In this age of comic book mania, NBC tried to cash in on the fad with Constantine.  Based on the graphic novel series Hellblazer, the titular character is a demon hunter reconciling his seedy past by performing acts of good for redemption.  The premise is somewhat generic and the production was incredibly mediocre so it's not exactly surprising that the show got cut after one season. parenthood Parenthood Parenthood was allowed to go out on its own terms.  On the fence after their fifth season, NBC brought Parenthood back for a final run and to close out the series so that the fans could get closure.  I wasn't a committed viewer, but my wife was and I experienced many of the shows storylines through ancillary viewing.  It never quite hooked me but anything that combines cast members of Gilmore Girls, Arrested Development, Con Air, Punk'd, Coach, and was created by Ron Howard gets a thumbs up from me. glee Glee Never saw an episode. revenge Revenge Again, never saw an episode but heard a lot, mostly from middle aged women.  At only four seasons, this show felt like it's been on a lot longer.  Based on the commercials I believe someone gets slighted and develops an elaborate plot to get back at a bunch of people.  Sounds familiar. count of monte cristogladiatorrevenge of the nerds 2   two and a half men Two and a Half Men It's over!  It's finally over.  The fact that this show lasted as long as it did and was supposedly as popular as it was shakes my faith in humanity.  While this show will surely continue in wretched syndication, it's good to know that there will no longer be new buffoonery of this magnitude.  The only good thing brought about by Two and a Half Men was the Charlie Sheen meltdown.  Adonis DNA and tiger blood forever!  P.S. Sorry the song is stuck in your head. Parks-and-Rec Parks and Recreation Definitely the show I'll miss most out of this group.  Parks and Rec built on the pseudo-documentary brand of sitcom popularized by The Office and became NBC's premiere comedy in its last couple of years.  Another show which came into this season knowing it was the end, Parks and Rec wrapped up its run with a very satisfying conclusion.  If you haven't watched Parks and Rec, I suggest you make like Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle and "treat yo'self".  I could sit here and wax poetic about Leslie Knope, Andy Dwyer, and Lil Sebastian, but I think I'll let Ron Swanson bring it home for me.  

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