BYU Center Gone; Too Strict?

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FLA vs BYU Jimmer won't be seeing this again anytime soon Its been all over the college basketball news today about BYU's starting center, Brandon Davies, being dismissed from the team for violation of the school's honor code. Brigham Young and Jimmer took the nation by storm this year with their star's unbelievable play and their team's ability to continue winning at such a high level. However, the school has now pulled a move that will drastically effect what success the team will have as the season wanes. The honor code at many higher learning institutions contains rules that many may possibly break and not expect to be either caught or seriously punished. An educational institution is there for that purpose (education) first and foremost. With that in mind, check out this excerpt from theirs:
"BYU's honor code requires students to live a chaste and virtuous life; be honest; abstain from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee and substance abuse; and attend church regularly."
That sounds a little strict if you ask me, and very hard to expect a high level basketball team to comply at all times. Being a part of any religion is a spiritual aspect of one's life that is protected by our nation's laws and should be respected by others. As well, some religions, as the Mormons at BYU, take certain rules very seriously. However, athletes at schools that are known for either religion or their unbelievable education are not recruited solely for those reasons. They are recruited for their athletic ability, and then the school determines whether or not they are of the character the school is interested in. Are BYU's restrictions too much to expect an athlete to comply with? Did the school do their athletics program injustice by Davies' removal? A potential number one seed just saw their post-season chance at a Final Four berth dissipate right in front of their eyes. In Kentucky, we would not stand for such things (more than likely). The kid is very upset and sorry, and one would think he deserves a second chance, especially with the season on the line. *sidenote: @PeterBurnsRadio just made a great point - How hard did BYU's basketball recruiting just become? Kick your starting center off for fornication and you expect another good player to come here and assume that risk or become celibate? I'm not saying what people should believe or what is it 'right'... but good luck convincing teenage basketball stars to buy into that clause.

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