Cal: After title, 4 or 5 media members "wouldn't even look up," "looked constipated"

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 9 years


In an exclusive interview with WKYT's Sam Dick, Coach Cal does what he does best: open up about winning the title and in the process, get in a jab at some members of the national media. When asked about celebrating the title, Cal said his euphoria was cut short by certain negative nancys in the media room: "The postgame celebration in the locker room, believe me, I danced and we had a ball. And then I had to go sit in front of the media, where there were four or five that wouldn't even look up from their feet and some of them even looked a little constipated. I don't know if they were real happy. So I wasn't happy either." Hmmmmm....I wonder who they were? The interview is fantastic, and definitely worth a click over. Cal also discusses next season's schedule, in which he will focus on getting his team ready to play in football stadiums, domes, and other potential Sweet Sixteen venues. Because, you know, that's where teams win titles. H/t to Anthony Wireman

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