Cal: Cats still in flux, need to get physical

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


The 80's were weird times. You've heard Frank Martin's comments from the SEC Coaches' Teleconference, now it's time for Cal's. Cal said that while Kentucky has made strides in recent weeks, they are "still in flux":
“Ryan was out early, now Willie was out. We’re trying to get guys to play up to their abilities, so we’ve been in flux the whole year. We have not settled in to, OK, here’s who we are. We’re playing hard, we’re playing a little tougher, we’re executing a little bit better. Guys, individuals are playing a little bit better, but we’re still in flux.
Cal said that part of what's holding the Cats back from hitting their groove is some players' hesitance to get down and dirty when the game gets physical:
“We’re working on it every day, and we’ve got guys that don’t want that kind of game, and until you relish playing in that type of game, you’re going to look like you’re passive, soft or whatever you want to say. You have to want that. ...On pick-and-rolls, you’ve got to want to drive that man into that screen. You want to come off there and get to the lane and get bumped. You want that action. If you don’t want that action, those games, they have a big affect on the game, the physicalness of the game. And inside, you got to say, ‘I’m going to meet it before it meets me.’ And if you’re not ready or you’re not wanting it, normally you’re behind the action. And we’re working on it. We’ve got a young team. Last year, it took us time. The year before it took us time. My first year we had a pretty physical team.”
Will two games at home help the Cats unleash their inner beasts? Let me hear your body talk...your body talk...

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