Cal: "I'm at my best when the gun's to my head."

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


DropTheMicCal Drew will be back soon with more from Cal's press conference, but here's another great quote to tide you over until then. When asked about his dreams of going 40-0 next season and whether or not that creates too much pressure for the team, Cal said bring it on: "Pressure brings out your best. I'm at my best when the gun's to my head." Even without a certain number one player, Cal is not backing down on the talk of going undefeated: "We're chasing perfection. We're chasing greatness. We're chasing things that have never been done." Cal was careful to make going undefeated a goal, not an expectation. He said that this team probably won't hit it's stride until January, and "if we lose a game, it doesn't mean it's not a successful season. But let's chase greatness." Sounds like Cal's got his swag back. Is it November yet??

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