Cal says Fox or Briscoe will be on the court at all times this year

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fox-briscoe So how 'bout that guard play? Wow. And just think, the Big 3 haven't played together yet. Coach Cal said after the game that he will put De'Aaron Fox, Malik Monk and Isaiah Briscoe on the same team for the first time in tomorrow's practice. "We've gotta figure it out," he said of the backcourt. "We haven't played them all together. We're going to start that tomorrow and it'll be the first time I play all three of those guys together. I had a great meeting with those three today and we've got a lot to figure out. It's going to be organic, as it always is here." One thing they do already know is that either Fox or Briscoe will be running the point at all times this season. "My guess is, we will never be on the court without either Isaiah or De'Aaron, so one of those two -- and probably 20 minutes a game will be both of them," Cal said. The three guards combined for a casual 96 points in the Blue-White game.

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