Cal says the team will practice HARD today

Cal says the team will practice HARD today

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basketball-practice John Calipari knows Thursday's game will get physical. Last night, he told Tom Leach that today, he is putting his team through a hard practice to prepare them for a "rough house game." "We are going to practice hard tomorrow. Normally late in the year, I'm not going to do this, but this game coming up, it's going to be a rough house game," Cal said. "You've got to be prepared or you'll get knocked out in the first five minutes. I mean literally. We've got to go hard tomorrow." Cal said that on Monday, he showed both Devin Booker and Trey Lyles tape of themselves in hopes it will help them clean up their games, and in Devin's case, get him back on track. "We showed tape to Devin of how he was shooting the ball, showed Trey of himself. Both of those guys, 'Here's the best version of you what it looks like.' Sometimes guys get a little sloppy and it's not just in their head. They get a little sloppy and you've got to tell them 'look at when you were right, look what it looked like.'" For the record, Cal's not concerned with the Cats' poor shooting percentages over the weekend. In fact, he spun it as a positive because he's Cal. "I'm not worried about our shooting to be honest with you. I'm really not. What's great is, you shoot 37% and win by double digits. We could have won by 20, you know that," Cal said. "That tells your team there's no pressure on you to make shots. We can win when we're missing most of our shots if you'll defend, rebound, and play together. Make your free throws, don't turn it over much. That's what you want them to feel."

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