Cal voted 6th most underrated coach by a jury of his peers

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 9 years


One of the common misconceptions about John Calipari is that he can't coach. His critics give him credit for recruiting the best of the best, yes, but when it comes to X's and O's, Cal "just rolls the balls out." For most, that myth was debunked when Kentucky won the National Championship in April, but the most telling evidence of Cal's coaching ability comes from a jury of his peers, who voted Cal the sixth most underrated coach in college basketball in a survey of 100 coaches by CBS Sports. Here are the full results of the poll: 1. Fran Dunphy (Temple): 14 percent 2. Randy Bennett (Saint Mary's): 9 percent 3. Rick Byrd (Belmont: 7 percent 4. Bill Self (Kansas): 7 percent 5. Buzz Williams (Marquette): 7 percent 6. John Calipari (Kentucky): 7 percent 7. Bob McKillop (Davidson): 5 percent 8. Bob Huggins (West Virginia): 5 percent One coach (anonymously) said it best about Cal:
"Sure, he always has talent. But he deserves some credit for being able to manage that talent. He may not be one of the elite game-coaches in the country, but when it comes to pushing the right buttons and recruiting, there aren't many better."
TGFC (Thank God for Cal).

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