Cal will evaulate point guard play over next two days

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


In the words of the great John Short, "What happened?!" During the SEC Coaches' Teleconference this morning, John Calipari said that he will evaluate the point guard play over the next few days to figure out the best way to proceed. Jarrod Polson earned his first career start over a fading Ryan Harrow on Saturday, and Cal has even mentioned the possibility of moving Archie over to the point as well to solve the team's ball handling woes. With all the strife at point guard, you would think that was the player the team lost last week. Cal acknowledged the impact of losing Nerlens this morning and said that the squad spent most of Saturday trying new things to find what works moving forward: "What I'm trying to do is give this team the best opportunity to win games. ... Without Nerlens, we're a little different. That doesn't mean we're 40 points different. We're going to have to play stronger." On today's radio show, CBS' Ian Eagle said the Cats looked "overwhelmed by the moment" during warmups on Saturday. Cal echoed those thoughts: "This team is a bunch of good guys. They want to do well. Some of this is just overwhelming. We just lost our best player." Regardless, it will be an uphill battle. "It's one game. I told them after, I've had teams get beat up like this. I want to see how your respond, how you come back."

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