Calathes leaving Florida to star in "Grease"?

Calathes leaving Florida to star in "Grease"?

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grease2 I just heard a snippet of information about Gator point guard and clutch free-throw shooter Nick Calathes, but I'm wondering if it's really true. My source (i.e. the television in the crowded room I was walking through) informed me that Calathes, who entered his name into the NBA Draft and was still trying to decide whether to stay in as of this morning, has decided to leave Billy Donovan's stable and take up musical theater with a role in the stage production of "Grease". Such a departure would be a big blow to the Gators and I question how well Calathes will fit in with the "Grease" cast. As of now, there's been no word as to what role Calathes will have in the production, but I would assume it would be Kenickie or maybe Rizzo--though I don't think he has the acting chops to pull off Rizzo. Either way, we'll keep you posted as more information comes available, but, if true, losing your point guard to Broadway would be the feces icing on the offseason cake for William Donovan. Also, purple monkey dishwasher. EDIT: OK, so I probably should have verified before I ran with the "Calathes to star in 'Grease'" story. Duly noted. As it turns out, it appears that Nick Calathes will not be returning to the Florida basketball team because he has signed a professional contract in...wait for it...Greece--the country, not the musical or movie or TV show or fragrance. I guess it's good that we won't have to deal with Calathes and his bear-claw-shaved temples anymore, but I'm truly disappointed that he's not going to be on Broadway because it would make for some fantastic sign-making material. Anyway, there are more details and junk in the link I've provided below. article

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