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Calipari almost wore sunglasses today too

Quade Green’s sunglasses were a big hit today but John Calipari told reporters he felt so bad the freshman point guard had to wear them during the game that he almost did too.

“Just so you know, because I kind of felt bad for him, I was going to wear sunglasses too. I told the team I was going to. I thought if he had to do it, I’ll do it with him, we’ll both have sunglasses.”

Well, why didn’t he?

“I didn’t want to be a — it would have been a national story. There he is, that guy wears jeans on the plane, this bum, this guy. Where does he think he is? He thinks he’s at the beach. Who is this guy? That’s why I didn’t do it.”

Calipari, basically:

Calipari said he wasn’t sure if Green has to wear the glasses going forward, but judging by today’s performance, maybe he should. Green had 17 points, five assists, and only one turnover.

“I see better in the dark,” Green quipped afterwards.

“He was really good,” Cal said. “I thought Quade, I put him in quick. I like the rotation of him starting and Shai coming off the bench. Score baskets, kid, Score baskets, that’s what you do.”


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