Calipari breaks down where he thinks his players will be drafted

Calipari breaks down where he thinks his players will be drafted

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[caption id="attachment_177208" align="alignnone" width="600"]Photo by Chet White, UK Athletics Photo by Chet White, UK Athletics[/caption] The NBA Draft is one week for tomorrow, which means John Calipari is working the phones to give and get info from teams on his seven potential draft picks. Here's his rundown: Karl Towns: "He will be the number one pick, unless something crazy happens." Willie Cauley-Stein: "Four, five, six. I don't think any later than six." Devin Booker and Trey Lyles: "No later than 13 and as low as 6, 7. It all depends on where things fall." Cal said teams love Devin not only for his shooting--which is en vogue right now because of the Warriors--but also for his size and vertical on jump shots, which is similar to Klay Thompson. He also compared Trey Lyles to a Golden State Warrior: Draymond Green. "Now they're looking at [Trey] as a stretch four, and oh my god, he's 6'10"?!" Dakari Johnson and Andrew Harrison: "Anywhere from 23 to 32." Aaron Harrison: "I don't have a good read on Aaron," Cal said. "Here's my thing. You're in the second round and you have a pick. You're not taking Aaron Harrison, who you watched make all these huge plays? Who, when you work him out, say 'he's 6'6" and he's a heck of an anthlete.' Yeah, he has work to do, but every one of these kids has work to do. So then you look at upside and you say, he and his brother could be in this league for 15 years. They're big enough and physical enough and skilled enough." Over the next week, expect to hear Cal championing Aaron a lot to boost his stock. In fact, he said that Aaron's size could allow him to play the three. "Right now, what's winning in that league is small ball, so my guys, their value has increased," Cal said, mentioning both Aaron and Andrew. "Aaron could maybe play three if he needed to." Here's the rest of the interview if you missed it:

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