Calipari daughters fire back at "fans"

Sam Gormleyover 3 years


Aritcle written by:Sam GormleySam Gormley
The last 24 hours have not been pretty for Kentucky fans. When the day started with College GameDay, we all thought that this could be a day to remember. It is safe to say that did not happen. Zion Williamson shocked pretty much everyone and committed to Duke and Kentucky looked flat in a performance against Florida at home. Like any instance, when a team is struggling the head coach is the first to be blamed. I am by no means saying that I disagree with some of the criticism of Calipari this season, but at the same time there are some "fans" that are taking it overboard. Throughout Calipari's tenure at Kentucky, his daughters have continuously come to his side when some fans start to turn on him. Today has been no different. The Calipari daughters are responding this morning on Twitter to fans. Jerry Tipton took the first responses: Then came the so-called "fans" Then it was Megan's turn I am just wondering when people will learn not to cross the Calipari daughters. Did no one learn from this incident? Long story short is this... we get it. You are frustrated with how the team is playing this year. Do you not think Cal isn't frustrated as well? He obviously wants this team to succeed more than anything. Stop tweeting at his daughters. Trust me when I say this. It won't end well. [mobile_ad]

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