Calipari has no idea how the BBN keeps getting all the tickets to games
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Calipari has no idea how the BBN keeps getting all the tickets to games

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 6 years


The first reporter to ask John Calipari a question this afternoon is lucky he didn't get slapped in the face. A reporter from Cleveland took the mic, looked at Cal, and said "take a deep breath." Calipari glared at him while Tyler Ulis looked at Trey Lyles and snickered. The reporter continued on to ask Cal what the city of Cleveland can expect when the Big Blue Nation descends upon it on Thursday. "Our fans, I just use one term to kind of define -- they define themselves, but they're crazy. They come -- our building seats 25,000, and many of the people that will be in Cleveland could not get tickets to our building. So they go to every tournament game. I mean, we had 10,000 people at the early rounds of our conference tournament because they couldn't get tickets to our rounds. They were like watching the other teams just to be able to say they were a part of it." The BBN's trip to Nashville also taught Cal something else about the BBN: if they can't get in the building, they'll go to a bar. "I would say all the restaurant/bar owners are going to be very happy because, if they can't get into the games, they're going to be sitting right there," Cal said. "I don't think they drink, but they will be there watching those games. You would say, well, they can't get all the tickets. They somehow figure out how to get tickets. I have no idea how they do it. There will be a lot of blue in Cleveland, no question." It's really sweet that Cal thinks the Big Blue Nation doesn't drink. Late night postgame shows suggest otherwise.

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