Calipari jokes he wants to skip the SEC Tournament

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 2 years


John Calipari has never been a fan of the SEC Tournament, and after a hard-fought win on the road in Starkville, he joked that he just wants to skip this year’s event altogether.

“I was thinking about this as I was changing: what about this tournament we’ve got in Nashville? I don’t know — maybe we won’t show. Why even go and get the — just beat up? It doesn’t matter who you play, everybody is going to be good. And it’s going to be war, war, war. Or war, one war, or two wars. And then you’ve got to go to the NCAA Tournament because all those teams that are playing after that first round are all in. They’re going to be in that tournament.”

Eight SEC teams made the tournament last year. Tennessee and Kentucky were the only two in the top 16 the NCAA revealed today, but Jerry Palm had six more SEC teams in his latest Bracketology.

Cal said there’s no doubt the competition makes his squad better, but hopes he doesn’t have to run into Ben Howland’s group in Nashville.

“I’m glad we’re done with them. I hope we don’t have to see them in the tournament, to be honest.”


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