Calipari might not be on Knicks' list

Rashawn Franklinover 9 years


Aritcle written by:Rashawn FranklinRashawn Franklin
Calipari is constantly having to deny rumors of him possibly making a jump to the NBA especially after accomplishing his goal of winning a champion. The New York Post says that Cal might not even be on a potential list of candidates.
The groundswell for a Woodson return should be greater, even if it means forgoing a sexy hire like John Calipari, Phil Jackson or even Doc Rivers. Calipari, who some NBA executives believe will become a viable candidate, does not have that cache with NBA players. Calipari could stand as a risk, considering his NBA flop with the Nets and theatrical coaching style that his former Kentucky player, Knicks rookie Josh Harrellson, admitted might be too much for the league. Calipari probably would adjust, but why take a $7 million-per-year gamble that his college methods will work instantaneously in the NBA’s. There are indications he is not high on the Knicks’ list. Anthony doesn’t know Calipari well, despite both being affiliated with super agency C.A.A., which has influence on owner James Dolan and his lieutenants. Let another NBA team take a risk on Calipari’s NBA adjustment– not a fragile franchise like the Knicks built to win this moment before Stoudemire’s back explodes.
It looks like that depending on where the Knicks finish they could possibly keep Mike Woodson. Cal often expresses his desire to build a legacy in Lexington and I think we should just take him at his word and not listen to the outside world. There's no doubt that if they are looking for a coach when the season ends that Cal's name won't be mentioned at a blistering pace.

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