John Calipari will avoid potential North Korea situation with Rick Pitino

Nick Roush10/11/18


Article written by:On3 imageNick Roush


John Calipari used Rick Pitino and North Korea in the same sentence today.  Yeah, things got a little weird at UK Basketball Media Day. After flying in from a west coast recruiting trip, presumably to see Jaden McDaniels, at 3:30 a.m., Coach Cal was a little loopy.  He warned the media members a few times before letting a few fantastic quotes fly.  The highlight of the day happened when he was asked about his former foe, Rick Pitino. Pitino is about to start a new podcast, The Pitino Press.  His first guest is Billy Donavan.  Could Coach Cal be a guest in the future? "I'm not a scheduled guest," he said.  "I've talked to him once, or maybe I talked to him twice.  I've texted him occasionally, but if he asked me I would probably do it because he did my podcast." Pitino has also been on a preseason speaking circuit.  He's talked to a few different college basketball teams, like Syracuse and Manhattan.  Pitino will not be speaking to the Kentucky basketball team. "I probably wouldn't have him come talk to the team.  It would put North Korea on the back-burner, let me just say that." [mobile_ad]

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